Ouisen, which started in 1994, is one of the four major Backgammon titles in Japan. A diverse group of foreign players participating in this prestigious event. Defeating many of the top Japanese players is the path one must follow to win the Championship. 2018 marks the 25th Ouisen Tournament. We are proud that the game of Backgammon has become such a tradition in Japan while its popularity continues to grow.

Japan is most beautiful in the Fall. October is the premier month for sightseeing as the leaves gradually change from one color to the next. Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympic games. With open hearts, we welcome you to visit Japan and join us for this long-running tradition.


A certificate will be awarded to the winners of every division. The Championship-class winner will receive a monetary prize. (¥200,000 will be added in honor of Tsuyoshi Minakami) The Intermediate and beginner-class tournaments do not have a monetary prize for winners. Instead, They will receive a luxury backgammon board and/or other unique prizes.

Match Format

Ouisen 2018 will be based on a double elimination system where 8 players will qualify for the final rounds. A player losing in the main has a second chance in the progressive fighter’s bracket before being eliminated from the tournament. The final 8 players (4 from main and 4 from fighters bracket) qualify for the final rounds. The final rounds will be played as a normal cup system.

Main: All matches are played to 15p
Second chance: All matches are played to 9p
Final Rounds: Matches are played to 15, the Final match is played to 17p

Entry fee

Flight Entry(¥)

Satellite tournament


1/8 ¥7,500,  1/4 ¥15,000

Intermediate ¥6,000, Only First day (¥3000), Only Second day(¥4000)
Beginner ¥2,000/Day
Doubles ¥30,000/Pair
Ladies ¥1,000
Super Jackpot ¥50,000
Masters(over 50years old) ¥10,000


Friday, “Oct” 5th
World Championship Celebration, 
Akiko YAzawa
Saturday, “Oct” 6th
10:00 Start Registration for SJP, Satellite tournament for Championship and Intermediate
10:30 Registration for Beginner(Day1) start
13:00 Start Beginner(Day1)
15:30 Registration for Championship close
16:00 Registration for the Intermediate  close, Start Championship
16:30 Start Intermediate
22:00 Door close
Sunday, “Oct” 7th
9:30 Start Championship
10:00 Start Intermediate
10:30 Registration for Beginner(Day2) start
13:00 Start Beginner(Day2)
13:30 Registration for Doubles and Masters close
14:00 Start  Doubles and Masters
22:00 Door close
Monday, “Oct” 8th
10:00 Start Championship, Intermediate
10:40 Registration for Last chance close
17:30 Awards Ceremony
19:00 Party


Tournament Organizer: Masato Nagao

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Masato.Nagao85

Mail:  riis3218@gmail.com

Mobile: +81(0)90 6885 3218

Tournament venue

1-32-8, Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 146-0082, Japan

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Th2zDL2duUE2

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